Joe Garhan

So CGMeetUp posts a lot of animation reels and I saw this one that I really like. I’m a big fan of in game animations and cut scenes from games. I also like the blocky style that is shown here and I want to replicate that in some of my own models. I realise that this can cause issues with mesh colliding, it takes away from the realism and it’s a low polygon count that isn’t smoothed however I like that style. I guess I find hard edges in models and animations very appealing.


A Sketch A Day – 4/1/16

Shockingly I actually did a sketch today not some unfinished painting. Today’s sketch is of Malcolm Reynolds, Captain of the ship Serenity in one of the greatest shows ever Firefly which was unjustly cancelled.

firefly quote

If you haven’t watched I suggest you do, and also watch the movie Serenity after it’s also amazing

Firefly 4116