Gladiator Arena

So as we begin to model we have split up the sections so we can being to design each of the sections of our city. I have been assigned the historical district and the military/defence district, which I am very happy about since they provide a challenge and I’ll have a lot of fun creating the models. So I started working on a gladiator arena last night and finished it tonight. It was actually fairly straight forward to make with the help of tutorials so making the rest of the main historical monuments and buildings from Rome should be fun to do, but maybe not straightforward. I also had a bit of fun messing about with nCloth and having gravity act on materials as well as playing around with wind pressures to make the flags look in motion.

I’m not going to talk through the steps of how I made the arena but you can find the tutorial here.

Here are screenshots of my model throughout the stages.

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I think it turned out really well, there isn’t a huge amount of detail however I think it would be hard to put in more detail than this within such an expansive model so I will most likely leave the buildings with this amount of detail until I feel like there should be more. It also depends on how well my computer can render out the model.

We had a lecture today on lighting and rendering so I had a go at trying to render out a few images of the arena. You can find them below.

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