Section Plan

There had been several meetings in university with the final year show section plan. Luckily because we’re a group of 4 we got a nice spot with a a large table. You can see below the design Jakub made up for us.


It allows for equal amounts of personal renders showing off our own individual parts of the project, for me that would be each of my environments. The largest render for myself would be the environment that looks the nicest. We each have a monitor for a personal showreel or a showreel of the work we have done in the project. This could show development of the environments, characters, story plot and other elements of the project. In the centre we have the completed animation on a loop and above that will be out completed project poster. Along with this we will have out own business cards, a cut out of the character for photos, perhaps a 3D print of the character and monster, and possible print outs of the the project. Overall we really want the stand to make an impact and draw people in. Competing against projects that have VR and interactive elements means we really have to push out project to stand out.

Currently we are working towards printing out the cut out, I will hopefully be doing some 3D printing tests as well so we can do some prints of the characters.


Cavern Rock Tests

I have started to create some rock tests to see the best way to build the environment of the alien. I have found that you can easily create interesting rock shapes in Zbrush and simply rotate and combine them to create large, interesting and unique boulders or rock faces. Next on my agenda is to see how i can make some interesting textures that keep it stylized but have some level or detail. This will however come through with the lighting of the environment as well. Below you can see a few of the tests.

This was the first attempt but i went back and did some others. Here is a shot of a test cavern just to see how far i could go with 3 assets. 1 rock. 1 floor plane and 1 character. Turned out nicely.screenshot035

The Airlock

So the second environment that I began work on was the cargo area, where the character would find the strange portal to the other dimension/monster lair. However after some consideration we began to realise that perhaps building a second large environment may no be a good idea. Both for the feel of the environment as its meant to be a small ship that she just runs by herself and a large cargo bay wouldn’t fit as well. However if we replaced it, it would mean reworking a great shot with the reveal of the tunnel. We’re currently looking at the design of the Airlock, the room which is now going to replace the cargo room. The main design choices of the airlock are the large windows to the left which will show how the alien environment is too large to exist in that space. As well as windows on the circular doors to show through the door. We also thought it could be nice to show a complete juxtaposition of the sci fi environment versus the alien environment with the scale of both beside each other. Also how the lighting of the environments could be interesting when show next to each other. Here you can see the first rendition of the airlock.

2019-01-18 (1)

The Control Room

The first room to be completely modelled par a few fine trimmings was the control room. The centre piece of the animation and the one that needs the most attention. Therefore i will be returning to the control room at a later stage to add finishing touches when i texture it. Here you can see the various increments of the control room.

This is the first iteration with some beginning texture tests but with more finalised models. I’m still playing with the idea of keeping the bedroom to the left of the room closed with a shutter over it saying keep out. However since we’re hoping this room will be filled with small pieces that show her personality. Jack has been doing work on the smaller assets so we’re on track. I then did some more work on smaller assets mainly small switches, lights, wires, pipes etc to fill the space a bit more and Jack did some real nice lighting tests that you can see below.

I’m liking the general feel of the desk area however my end goal is to clutter it with wires, boxes, crates and belongings to really make it feel lived in.

Cassette Futurism

“Stories which use a technological aesthetic reminiscent of the early 1980’s, regardless of the real time setting of the media. Most often found in the context of science fiction.”

Through the development of Cosmic Echo, our final year project, we have been building around the idea of a science fiction setting from the start, and with that came one style that each of us loved and wanted to use. Cassette Futurism.

As you can see above Cassette Futurism is very 80s, the very hard edged, simple and cubic design that has become a huge aesthetic in the resurgence of retro design. In today’s culture there has been a renaissance of 80’s tropes that can be seen throughout the world through fashion, movies, tv shows and general design. The vivid neon colours mixed with the simple colour palette of white, greys and blacksĀ  is huge now and we want to capture that in our animation.

Some of the above images are going to be references for the environment we are going to be developing, the tight hallways, the low ceilings and the use of cubic computer systems with lots of light sources. Above are some shots taken from Alien, Star Wars and Akira. All of which are great examples of the cassette futurism that we are going to achieve. I will be doing a separate post on the development of the environments.