Defining Our Style

The style of the project is always extremely important, not only for defining how the environments are built but also for animation and keeping the team developing the project in the same direction. This is one of the first things we wanted to decide on. For animation we took heavy reference from League of Legends, and with that the environments followed. The textures and the way they were built became more stylised and less realistic, but not fully unrealistic just like the character.

As you can see above, i think we did a pretty good job at keeping the style consistent. The character suits the style of her ship. However it took a lot to get her. Defining our palette and various passes of textures and models. I’ll talk about the development of the environments however in a separate post.

Stylised vs Realistic

This was a big decision within the group. We did want to push the animation to see how realistic we could get it but based on our skill level, time management and the amount of work we had to do we found that keeping it mostly stylised and letting the realism come through in the lighting, SSS, reflections and general build. I’m sure Phoebe will talk more about this but pushing your animation with more exaggerated motions is a great technique to convey the characters emotions and it is not an easy task, but Phoebe and Jakub really nailed it.



Section Plan

There had been several meetings in university with the final year show section plan. Luckily because we’re a group of 4 we got a nice spot with a a large table. You can see below the design Jakub made up for us.


It allows for equal amounts of personal renders showing off our own individual parts of the project, for me that would be each of my environments. The largest render for myself would be the environment that looks the nicest. We each have a monitor for a personal showreel or a showreel of the work we have done in the project. This could show development of the environments, characters, story plot and other elements of the project. In the centre we have the completed animation on a loop and above that will be out completed project poster. Along with this we will have out own business cards, a cut out of the character for photos, perhaps a 3D print of the character and monster, and possible print outs of the the project. Overall we really want the stand to make an impact and draw people in. Competing against projects that have VR and interactive elements means we really have to push out project to stand out.

Currently we are working towards printing out the cut out, I will hopefully be doing some 3D printing tests as well so we can do some prints of the characters.