Reflection on first semester – Design Discourse 1

The first semester of design discourse one has been great. It gives us a great starting point for animation as the program we use is new to a lot of us and it allows us to start out at the same level. It was a nice transition moving through the basics, the instructions were clear as long as you listened. The different tasks that we were set over the weeks were fun and allowed for more group work. This allowed us to share our work with others and become more comfortable with showing our work to other people. The tasks set were very enjoyable and allowed us to grasp the 12 principles of animation in our first semester which will be very important in our future animations. The group research on the 12 principles of animation was great as well, it allowed for us to talk amongst ourselves about the principles and share examples and research showing the 12 principles. Alec is a great tutor and is always ready to help out anyone who needs a hand. He is very approachable and that makes the learning experience a lot more personal which is what some people really appreciate a lot.