First Group Project!

For our first group project we were paired with a third year, (maybe 2), 3 second years, and 1 other first year. In our team there was Fiona (3rd year), Andrew, Paul and Shannon (2nd years) and Rebecca (1st year). For our group project we got to come up with our own brief, so for ours we initially started looking at how we could possibly help in society, whether this was with poverty, disabilities or another issue. We brainstormed for a long time, coming up with different parts of society that had issues like lack of cultural understanding but after all the research we all seemed to come back around to issues with creative learning and autism or social and personality disorders.

20151008_192502 20151008_192513 20151008_192521 20151008_192529 20151008_192538 20151008_192546 20151008_192554

Once we decided on where we wanted to go with our brief, helping those with social or personality disorders, we then thought how could we help? What we found was that often with the people we were trying to help they found it easier to learn and understand using visual aids like minimalist art because unlike words they dont just disappear into thin air, they respond well to images because they stick in their mind and these images can then be associated with a word or sound.

After different ideas came and went, basically we decided to investigate how people express their emotions and feelings through a narrative.
This narrative is multiple choice, whereby the user is asked to express an emotion through sound i.e. a groal or a giggle or a sigh of frustration
This sound is converted into a visual shape which describes the feeling through colour, shape, tone, movement and sound. It sets the scene for a random story that plays out that emotion in a scenario.
Like a multiple choice story, the story is made up of these emotional expressions that lead to the next bit of the story.
Looking specifically at the emotions of anger, sadness and happiness and the aesthetic design that those emotions represent.

Since we were just making an animation we had to create a narrative for us to play along with during the presentation. We came up with our random narrative by using the same method the writers of Adventure Time us suggested to us by Paul. Basically you each right a line of the story then pass it to the person on your left, its a continuous cycle where everytime you pass a story on to the left the person on your right passes you another story that has a line already done and you keep going until they are completed. After we did this twice we then voted on the best stories using tally marks until we had a winner.

20151008_192608 20151008_192615 20151008_192623
20150921_124655 - Copy 20150921_124701 - Copy20150921_154648 - Copy 20150922_102221 - Copy 20150922_152116 - Copy 20150922_152112 - Copy 20150923_111545 - Copy 20150923_111542 - Copy 20150923_111534 - Copy 20150923_111531 - Copy 20150922_152125 - Copy 20150922_152121 - Copy 20150922_152120 - Copy 20150923_111547 - Copy

storyboard 2 storyboard 3 storyboard 4 storyboard 5 storyboard 6 storyboard 7 storyboard 8 storyboard 9 storyboard 10

Below are the sketches that I did so that Fiona could then go on to paint them and animate them while Paul, Andrew and Shannon worked in maya for the 3d animation and Rebecca worked on the presentation and some of her own sketches so that we could experiment with different styles.

pack of bacon kitchen photo cat sketch 1 20150924_110354 - Copy

beccas 1 beccas 2

After all of this we planned who was doing what in the presentation, heres my rough plan for my go


And Finally here’s the group!

Group 1 photo 2 Group 1 photo


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