End of Year Show – Final Display

This area is prone to a few changes before the final year show. We have some plans to add some more items like stickers to give away, an area to the left where we will have some text describing what we contributed to the project.



Throughout the year I have been developing what I am going to have for our EOYS. One thing I have wanted to have from the start was simplicity. I wanted by business cards, my C.V and my showreel to be as straight forward as possible. I know how important it is to stand out against the competition, but I’ve always appreciated simple and minimalist designs which is something I aimed to achieve in my business card layout and my CV. However, after submitting my designs for the business cards, one of my lecturers Henry, said that I could be missing out on some personal touches. This was an excellent point and one that applied to a lot of my designs. So, I went back and thought how I could make it a talking point and maybe more personal to me. The background environment is one thing however the other side felt very formal. I kept it with the name title and contact information however I added a d20 to the top. It fit the simplicity and to anyone who plays d&d in the gaming community might bring it up as a talking point. I put this to the test and it worked! Anybody who looked at it would always point it out and it led then to bonding with them about dungeons and dragons. Another element that needed fixing was grammatical errors and sentence structuring. I was given the advice to simplify the sentences even further and to bullet point them. Simple and effective advice that I applied to the CV. I’m currently adding the last updates to the CV in photoshop for the EOYS version.  The last note made was on the poster. For the design of the title we kept it the same due to the size of the print and the size of the frame. The frame we used for the project was quite thin and additionally we had a border of white on the print to allow for the entire poster to be seen without any of it being cut off.

Business Cards Final

So they arrived. Beautiful and matte with a dash of raised lettering. Fantastic. On a real note the business cards came out really nice. I used Vistaprint to create a finalised design based on the design i made. Its clear, readable and to the point. Unfortunately the designs were a little rushed due to the timing of the final year show however i am still extremely happy with them. In the future i may up the standard of them with a bit more flash but for the purposes of getting my details out into the working world i believe they stand up well. I also managed to squeeze in my affiliation with dungeons and dragons which is always a major plus.


Future Branding

As we draw closer to the EOYS we have been thinking about how we can brand our animation. Some ideas that we have had are a bit costly would be cool to have at the stand. We are thinking about ordered a cut out of the main character to have next to the stand however this might not arrive on time or may cost too much however this is the leading idea for our stand. We are also thinking about small prints or postcards as they are cost effective and look great. We are also hoping that we might be able to order in some stickers for the stand to hand out. I was doing some research and found that you can buy stickers on moo and vista print roughly 50 for 5.99 which isn’t too bad but they would disappear fast. You can instead buy a roll of stickers on moo but the presentation wouldn’t be as good and it means they would have to be stuck on something immediately. After this we also thought about possibly 3D printing the character or monster however again it might be quite time consuming. For the moment our best option is small prints as well as some stickers. We currently have letters spelling our the team title and our extra images printed and the last element we want to add are some descriptions of our roles and perhaps a blurb. On this as well I had the idea of perhaps printing some QR codes to put on the wall that people could scan to bring them to our individual instagrams or websites. While this might not be a hugely popular thing, it is cheap and easy to do and people might appreciate how easy it is to get to our portfolios.

Project Poster

For the project poster there wasn’t a huge amount of changes after the mock ups were done. There were a few iterations of the poster however in the end we went with the airlock shot where she passes from the sci fi area to the monsters area. Mostly because this is a great scene in the short and its a huge moment for the character. You can see the different version below with just the characters face as the poster but we found that having the lighting, character and environment in the shot worked best.

Show Reel

For the EOYS we have our set up plan and one of the key features is the show reel to show off what we have done in the project and in our spate time if we find it is good enough. To prepare for this I looked at various professional environment artist show reel and researched various articles about what employers look for in show reels. Some points that I found were;

  • No turntables, instead use rendered stills from the engine perhaps with animation in the scene.
  • Add concepts where available.
  • Make it clear what your responsibilities were.
  • Having breakdowns of the scene aren’t always necessary.

I have a version of my show reel complete that I will be using for the EOYS however for the future I will be rendering wire frames of the project for a more in depth breakdown of my work. I am also planning on importing all the scenes into marmoset to create a portfolio that can be interacted with. Here is the current show reel.



For the CV I had already put together a final structure. Like my business card and show reel I wanted to have everything been minimal and straight forward. I’ve seen a lot of C.V”s with a ton of colour, a fancy title, their picture on it and a lot of information. When I do see this I often don’t know where to start and I wondered if it would match my work. Instead I thought I would keep it short and sweet. If my employers are busy and are going to be looking at my show reel as well as other applicants then I don’t want them to skim it or not be engaged. I kept the information on the C.V to the point on concise with the latest relevant work experience and education.

CV Complete