Cassette Futurism

“Stories which use a technological aesthetic reminiscent of the early 1980’s, regardless of the real time setting of the media. Most often found in the context of science fiction.”

Through the development of Cosmic Echo, our final year project, we have been building around the idea of a science fiction setting from the start, and with that came one style that each of us loved and wanted to use. Cassette Futurism.

As you can see above Cassette Futurism is very 80s, the very hard edged, simple and cubic design that has become a huge aesthetic in the resurgence of retro design. In today’s culture there has been a renaissance of 80’s tropes that can be seen throughout the world through fashion, movies, tv shows and general design. The vivid neon colours mixed with the simple colour palette of white, greys and blacks  is huge now and we want to capture that in our animation.

Some of the above images are going to be references for the environment we are going to be developing, the tight hallways, the low ceilings and the use of cubic computer systems with lots of light sources. Above are some shots taken from Alien, Star Wars and Akira. All of which are great examples of the cassette futurism that we are going to achieve. I will be doing a separate post on the development of the environments.


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