Sculpting in Zbrush

Zbrush was always a program that i wanted to get into, i’m glad i had the opportunity to use it this year, this project gave me a good opportunity to begin to learn the basic and get a good workflow going for making game assets.

The program itself seems to have a high learning curve but over the space of the project i managed to get the hang of it. It took a while to get the workflow right  for sculpting but now i have a good routine.

I will bring the model in combined if its a complex part, split it in the subtool menu, dynamesh each part with a high enough resolution to get a good amount of detail, then merge them again, autogroup them so i can work on them individually while seeing them all combined, then set a morph target and continue to set new morph targets and i get further through the model. This worked well throughout the project and the models turned out very clean but very high poly. I then messed around with decimated the mesh, it lowers the poly count a lot but it leaves the topology very messy.

For sculpting i had a set routine with what brushes i would use to achieve the hard edged blizzard look that i was aiming for. To get this look I used the trim dynamic brush, it gives a nice sharp rock like surface to the mesh. I also downloaded the orb cracked brush set for zbrush, this allows for some really nice clean sharp cracks in the object that look natural or like sword strikes.

After sculpting everything high poly and being happy with the result this is when i would start baking them down into normal maps.


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