Overview of the Dungeon

So before our personal project i started on a Dungeon and Dragons environment. I wanted to make the models involved into game assets as me and my friend Adam are working together to create it in unity. I downloaded a tutorial off cube brush that was perfect for this project it showed a workflow of creating a stylised environment  for a game. One aspect of creating game assets that look good is creating clean normal maps and texture maps. This is something i wanted to accomplish in time, however the perfect opportunity arose when Alec set out personal project. We had the opportunity to sculpt something in zbrush and then retopologise it and make it usable in an animation. I decided this would be perfect for me and its something i’ve always wanted to get into so I asked Alec if it would be okay to sculpt the environment and make it usable in an animation or game. I was really determined to get game assets done for my show reel since it’s what i want to do for placement and as a career.

I started by making a rough set in maya, blocking out the scene to make sure everything fit and worked together nicely. After that i began to replace the block out with models, since they are game assets i needed to try and save as much uv space as possible so i had to delete any faces in the model that wouldn’t be seen. After filling in all of the models in the scene i began to export the mas obj files so i could bring them into zbrush to scuplt them.

Now this is where the problems started. Through out this project i learned a lot of lessons about how to scuplt in zbrush and how not to do things in zbrush. I feel like this project was more of a learning process to trial and error creating models that could be used in a game and how to bake in xnormal.

Ill go into more detail in further posts about my process and what I learned.

Here is a link to the dungeon on sketchfab so you can have a closer look at the model.



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