Building in Maya

So the first step was to block out a scene in maya, this was easy enough to do using cubes and making basic shapes. The scene isnt too heavy content wise so it wasn’t that hard to block it out, this didnt take too long it was mainly to get something to work from for scale.

After this i began to build other models, the models weren’t too hard to build as the detail would be added in later with the normal map. I tried to keep the poly count to a minimum and only add in extra faces if it was vital. I had a list of models i had to do and a few extra ones that would be available for sculpting if  i had time. Initially i had built a creature called a mimic in maya, its based on a dungeons and dragons monster. Essentially its a chest that comes to life if you try to open it. I also had some barrels in the corner but i decided to take them out as they weren’t adding anything to the feel of the room being a Dungeon.

I also wanted the room to have some sort of centre piece so I played around with a few different ideas like a coffin/sarcophagus or a podium like the sword in the stone being in the centre. In the end I found that the sword in the stone idea worked well since it was meant to be a dungeon in a fantasy game.

Once it was all built in maya and i had decided on the placements it was rime to bring it into zbrush to begin sculpting details.

Here are a few renders of the Dungeon and how its developed.


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