The Cold – Graphics

Our group wants to go down a graphics route for our BBC project. One recurring cut scene that I love are the opening cut scenes to virus/zombie movies where it has a back track of music and a narrator speaking and it cuts between a virus affecting the cells of a body and real life footage of what the reaction is to the virus eg. death, destruction, medical imagery and stuff like that. So i’m looking into some of these opening sequences for references to bring to the table.

A moving opening title sequence for a zombie virus.

World War Z Opening Credits. These credits don’t actually show a virus spreading but more the effects of it. The virus in the movie affects the behaviour of the humans making them angry and bloodthirsty almost primal. So through the opening credits it goes from normal human life showing tranquillity and a normal day with the background narration eluding to this, with the music being slow and as it builds to the climax the music becomes faster like a chase sequence showing animals hunting each other. The narration in the background talks about environmental changes as well as showing human natures ignorance to viruses and the world around us. It seems to say that we think we are safe and secure,  almost saying that we believe we are invincible and the idea of global warming and that a killer virus could wipe us out is unbelievable.

An opening sequence for a virus movie

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes – This is a really awesome opening sequence, it shows the fast paced spread of the virus in the movie as well as having a great graphic overlay showing the spread across the world and showing live footage as it spreads as well as having narration about the virus and its origin.

Resident Evil – This one is a bit cheesy but it still has a clear cut message with the combined use of visuals and narration to show what happened with the virus.


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