Walk Cycle

So my final attempt at the walk cycle went well. I posed the figure and key framed and used a stepped tangent to create that blocked out animation first beginning with the legs. After that I started filling the in-betweens and working on the arms moving with the legs gradually ending up with creating secondary actions with the heads and hands creating a fairly fluid walk cycle. Here is the walk cycle before being polished.

One issue that I noticed I was having as I increased the amount of the frames and used the cycle infinity to create a long walk cycle was that the walk began to deteriorate the longer it went on as the first and last frame were in different poses. After some good criticism from my team, Phoebe and Alec I found some issue that had went unnoticed. One the feet don’t move in front of each other which is vary subtle but very important. Another was the head which looked like he was sad or depressed. The arms  also don’t go back the same distance and I found the chest/back and hips could move more. I went  back and made some changes and here is my final walk cycle.

Looking at it there are still some issues like it could definitely be made to be smoother and I feel the head bobs in an unnatural way but I’m happy with this final walk cycle overall.


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