First Walk Cycle Attempt

So our other project was to create a walk cycle. I started with the legs (as you would with a walk cycle), and built upwards from that. I think this was my first mistake. Instead of this I should’ve blocked out each step in the walk cycle in a stepped tangent. then corrected the movements in the in-betweens.

Here are some Videos of my attempts:

Attempt one focuses on the movement of the legs.

The second part focuses on the feet and how they move. They seem to pause slightly when moving making robotic and thus not fluid like walking is meant to be.

The third part focuses on an attempt at improving the flow of the feet however it only created more issues like the sharp snapping of the feet when they begin to move to the next pose.

Part 4 shows some progress in the fluidity of the legs movement. I managed to remove the pause when the feet hit the floor and lift from the floor. However it still has issues, for one its not timed correctly with the legs working almost independently from the hips and rest of the body. There is also a timing issue with the step where it seems to slip back a bit.

Here is my final first attempt. As you can see there are still issues but i managed to clear some of the timing issues. I also managed to get the arms to look natural as they move with the legs. I also added some secondary actions with the head bobbing slightly.


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