Axe Pull

The final body mechanic that I did was the Axe Pull. I thought it would be interesting to have a character interact with the environment, rather than just having a movement aspect to the animation. This also allowed me to play about with FK and IK controls with the model. It was easier to control the model from the wrist and moving the whole arm than moving the arm in separate pieces as the model relies on the hands interactions with the axe. So If I lock the hands in place then I could just move the rest of the model around the hands almost like a pivot. The first stage of animation was to block out the scene in a stepped tangent.


Unfortunately at the end the playblack glitched a little bit but it just shows him falling on the ground. This happened in both playbacks but you will be able to see it in the final animation.

After the block out of the animation I had to start building in-betweens in the animation to make it more fluid and natural. Luckily the base poses were pretty solid so there wasn’t much work to be done apart from fixing a few rogue poses where arms were bent out of shape.



There are still issues with the animation but I think it is a solid final animation. If I go back to this I will work on the fall. I feel there could be more anticipation from the fall perhaps the character reaching out for the axe mid fall. Also I feel it is missing a bit of weight when he hits the floor. But overall I am happy with this body mechanic.


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