So the final model that I was given to work on was the creation of statues. I wasn’t sure what the best way to go about this was. I felt the best way to start was to look at some reference images and create some poses based on them. To do this I used the provided rig that Alec gave us. This allowed me to create a good base pose. After that I tried to convert the rigged model into just geometry, however i ran into some issues like not being able to select the mesh outside of the outliner. After this issue I decided to do the same as what i did with the organ. I used the pose as a reference model and built the model around it.

Here are the reference images i used (provided by Lorna):

I really liked the block/totem still statues. It also allowed the option of simplicity. Here are some models that I posed them, taking a lot of reference from the Dragon Age Inquisition with the simple block still model. Here are the rigged models posed for the statues.

For the final model i picked the middle pose holding the cross. I began to block out the model and ended up with a solid base geometry. However due to time constraints i didn’t have the time to sculpt it and add more detail but we had an idea to add to the abandoned feel of the church we added some ncloths over them to cover them. We took this idea for the christian tradition to cover their statues in churches over Easter. So I took the final model and placed an ncloth over it allowing it to create a natural veil over the object. I did this a few times to create different variants of the veil.



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