Priest Chair

The 3rd model that I was tasked with was the creation of the priests chair  that would sit on the altar. As with the theme of the church I didn’t over complicate the model. I had a rough idea of what I wanted to build, the reference images i looked at had a very basic look to them. One feature i changed was the curvature of the arm rests and legs. I wanted a bit of craftsmanship to be involved as if it had been carved. If i had more time i would’ve added a bit more detail to the top of it like the middle reference image and possibly adding some cushioned areas on the chair. If i go back and add to the model it might be nice to try a cloth effect with it.

My model:

As you can see from the above images I broke the model down into multiple models to make UV mapping easier. Overall I think the model looks good even tho it is quite simple. I think it fits the scene as the interior of the church isn’t extremely detailed and it keeps keep the church simple like a local church. Not a Roman cathedral.


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