One model that I was very excited to build the model. I really like the detail and the scale of the organ. I think this is the model i was most excited about it even though it is such a small part of the scene i put a lot of time and effort into the creation of it. My workflow for building the organ was to start of with a very basic geometry, and to build detail of of it. To build it I built the model in different parts. This allowed me to UV map them easier. However i did fun into some issues, the main one being that when i bevelled or smoothed edges it would create far too many edge loops and make uv mapping even harder. Instead of trying to UV map these objects i used the objects as a reference and re made them. This, i feel, was a good decision as it simplified UV mapping and allowed me to fix the models and their topology easily.

After creating theses separate parts all that was left was to add them together. Once in the right position i froze the transformations, and grouped them together. This was an extremely important part as a very underrated part of the workflow. Having the correct geometry named correctly and grouped correctly in the outliner makes it very easy to keep track of your geometry.

The most challenging part of the model wasn’t actually the building but UV mapping the objects that were smoothed as I only remade some. The rounded edges and tight loops made it very easy to distort the UV map or miss some of the faces.

I used numerous references for the creation of this model. Organs don’t usually vary in design too much apart from the pipes which can be placed on the walls behind the organ. I kept the design as simple as possible as to keep UV mapping simple and to stick with the theme of the church.

Here are some comparison renders to see the similarities between the models and the references above.


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