Designing the church

After we scrapped the diner idea, we made a list of possible environments that we could model, we then voted on our favourites from the list. Some environments we thought about were a medieval tavern, a museum and an abandoned hospital. In the end we really liked the abandoned church idea. So Lorna did some quick sketches looking at simple shapes to create the environment. She looked at different parts of the building environment not just interior but exterior with the steeples. Her sketches helped build the foundation for the environment as well as showing that it is not necessary to use a lot of extravagant shapes to create the structure.

Lorna also made a pinterest group to post research on it. Here are some images from it. If you prefer to have someone scroll through the pinterest board for you so you don’t have to Lorna made a very helpful video!

You can see we took at lot of influences from these with the boxes of junk placed around the scene, piles of leaves, the large arches, high walls and tall windows. Caitlin did a lot of research looking around nearby churches, her photos are truly amazing. This research helped alot with grasping how it will be set up and placement of objects. It also shows that one major part of the architecture of churches is their symmetry. The pews and the arches specifically are prone to be being very symmetrical. The close up of the arches, rafters, and details of the churches helped us a lot with the crafting of the environment. It allowed for great references to model from.

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Caitlin also posted about Game of Thrones and the idea of having a coffin in the scene like jeofferys body, almost like a wake.

As well as the church that Caitlin posted about before that i modelled from, I also really love this piece of art. I think the isolation of it is great and adds to the abandonment of it. As well as the environment around it with the large tree and frozen ground. If we were going to create an exterior of it i would like to add something like this to it, but I the future if we add more to it for our show reel I might make an exterior for it.

I also have an old abandoned church at the top of my street, unfortunately i’m not as talented when it comes to taking photos so the quality is really bad as it was very dark at the time but it does have a very ominous feel to it. This may be because of the overgrown grass around it and the large metal fence as well as the large tower connected to it. I really like that feeling and if i do build an exterior i hope to capture that feeling in the model. Instead of breaking into the building I had a plan to contact the owner and ask about buying it so i could go inside a look at it. I didn’t do it in the end but there was no way the plan could fail.

Lorna also linked us to one of her friends who has a lot of photos of abandoned buildings not just churches but many old ruins. He also linked to a forum site with a lot of great photos. Here are a few:

Again these had a lot of influences, it helped to back up some previous points about the environment that we were looking at like symmetry. We also found that in abandoned churches that often to exaggerate that emptiness it would be quite open ad plain, as well as having objects hastily pushed against walls or stacked roughly on top of each other. This was then included in our scene with some benches and boxes pushed against the walls and doors. Another recurring feature is the lack of window panes in the windows but there still being a frame to it, this was good for us meaning we only had to worry about adding in a detailed frame. The framework of the windows are also usually very symmetrical. Jonny is a big fan of geometric shapes and so he worked very hard on the stain glass window and it came out looking amazing.



Both me and Lorna have previously visited Italy before where there is a huge amount of ornate architecture involving churches and other religious things. Here are some photos from my trip to Italy. Even the smallest churches in Italy have amazing detail and sculpture. This makes the references a little harder to base our work of of but the general layout of the churches are the same as here. Lots of symmetry and arches. As well as this if i go back to work on the detail on the statues i have some great references here.

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After all of these references and research the last thing to do was to place all our props in our scene and plan the layout. First we had to decide the shape of the church. We went with a cross shape church, looking at St. Anne’s Cathedral. Here is the finished plan for the church with a key for the colours.


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