The Abandoned Church

So for our finalised environment we decided on an abandoned church, we found this to be an interesting environment for us to build and aesthetically. The Architecture of most churches are very interesting yet simple. And the objects within are even more so. One model that I was really interested in creating was the organ, this was one that i wanted to try and recreate. After studying many many reference images (I won’t put them all on this post, i’ll dedicate a whole post to them) we started splitting them up between us so we could begin modelling. Here is the list of assigned props:




I really wanted to attempt recreating the organ as well as trying to create statues for the church, we figured it would be easiest to recreate a christian style church due to the numerous references we have around us so a lot of mine are based on statues found there. Lorna as found some really nice reference images showing statues done in a totem style which would make creating the statues a lot easier since they aren’t high detail.


Ill go into more detail about my process and workflow of each prop, in separate posts.


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