One of the props that I asked to be able to work on were the statues within the church. I was interested in attempted a human model, i haven’t really tried making anything like this before but i think it will be prove to be a good challenge. I have mainly stuck to environment design so I feel spreading my knowledge of modelling and sculpting will be good. I also want to incorporate zbrush into more of my work so i feel like this is a good opportunity to do so.

Here are some of the reference images i have been looking at to create the models.

My workflow for the creating the statues has been to pose the model using the provided rigged models we were given for the walk cycles. After posing them i removed the rigs and began building a new geometry of them at a lower poly level. After this i will create an ncloth to try and replicate robes. After i will bring it into zbrush to try and build up the details a little bit more.

Here are some of the models i have created so far.

Once it is completed I will create a UV map for the model, for this i will keep the geometry as separate as possible. Alec showed us how to UV  a model which is extremely useful, I’ve practised on the model that he has provided and I think I’ve grasped the process fairly well.

With time constraints I unfortunately couldn’t sculpt them however, Méabh suggested we could put a cover over them, like they do at Easter. It would help with the abandoned feel of the Church. For the covers I used ncloths in maya applying gravity to the cloth and making the statue a passive collider so the ncloth interacts with it taking some of its shape. As well as this Lorna had a great idea with breaking the statues apart to make them seem old again adding to the abandoned feel of the environment.


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