Research and References – Diner

Our first choice at an environment was to build an abandoned diner. One element from the diner environment that Megan really liked was the neon lighting heavily associated with the older themed diners. Here are some photos looking into neo noir lighting and neon diner lighting. Another idea was that when we create the diner sign we could call it Carl’s Diner or something similar as an easter egg to our room.

We did a lot of research on diners, looking an abandoned exteriors and interiors to get a general idea of how they look and what props we would need to create. Studying the environment also allowed us to judge how much work we would have to do, how we would divide the work and to help get an idea of how the layout of the environment would look.

With creating the diner we had to decide on a time frame for when this would exist as well. We agreed that a 50’s diner is the most interesting to build and overall the most famous out of all the variations with many pulp culture references showing them, the setting of a diner being quite clique in design and the style of it is just amazing to look at. Even now in replica diners like Eddie Rockets or Annette’s Diner in Disneyland the whole checker board floors, neon lights and the leather seats are infamous.


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