One of our first ideas for the environment was a diner. We picked this due to the size of the environment, how interesting it looks, and the lighting. It’s also has a lot of tropes that we can take ideas from especially in movies and media. Before we started planning or modelling we listed movies and references that we could take ideas from:

Cinerella story
Eddie rockets
Anettes diner
Captain americas
American diners
Pop culture references
Pulp fiction – jack rabbit slims
Hard rock cafe
Twin peaks
Truck stops
Halfway house
Jukebox (animated maybe)
Lous cafe back to the future
Waynes world diner
Soda joes (odyssey)

After looking at these references we started to list a series of models that would need to be created, starting with the larger props and moving into smaller models to provide more details for the scene.



We each decided to attempt some of these models, I had a go at modelling a jukebox and a diner stool. For this stool I made a base geometry in maya, after this i tried my hand a zbrush, i brought the material part of the stool into zbrush and tried to create a leather look. After making a high poly mesh in zbrush i attempted to lower the poly count but keep some detail, this worked pretty well but in the future i might attempt creating maps to add detail to a flat model to try and keep the model more detailed.


Here is my first attempt at the stool with detail, after doing this i found that the geometry kind of hovered a bit above the metal section. So i might redo it in the future for my sculpting showreel to improve how it looks.

Here is the completed stool:


The rest of the model is done in maya, the base of it was smoothed to give a clean curve to it, i also had a go at using some neon coloured lighting to see how it would look on the object.

After this i started working on a jukebox to see how it might look. The jukebox i did completely in maya as the object in real life is a lot more blocky and doesn’t need a lot of detailing, it would look better if it was textured but that would be done in the future after the environment project is over since it includes uv mapping the objects. The Jukebox is very low poly but it’s not a bad start on it.

jukebox-2 jukebox-3 jukebox


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