Time Management

Time management was stressed to us to be one of our top priorities if not our top priority, and of course as naive students we mostly ignored it however not completely. We were suggested by Michael and Conánn to use the site Asana. A site devoted to helping those who cannot manage time, manage it. So at the start of the assignment we went on, signed up, and created an Asana schedule to keep us on track and to keep us focused on each goal as we went along. I will admit it taskes some getting used to and i’m still not completely used to it, however it does help a lot when it comes to planning for the final deadline. We had numerous set backs and unfortunately things did go wrong and things weren’t accounted for but we did learn a lot from this assignment about time management and I doubt we will make the mistakes again.

Overall I think the management did help us stay on track for the most part however I think that I personally should’ve paid more attention and in the future I will as I have paid the price for not managing my time well enough. Looking back over the project I don’t think we should’ve been stressed. It is true that planning does go a long way.



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