New Narratives – Reflection

New Narratives has been a tough journey but I didn’t expect anything less. The work is only going to get more challenging and as the years progress and i’m ready to face it head on. This semester was tough, it was a huge leap from semester 1 which was definitely a walk in the park compared to semester 2. What I take from semester 2 is that it is meant to challenge us to see who will make it through to second year. You don’t get into second year by quitting, you have to work hard to get in. I feel like first year was like another interview, it set the bar at a good level in first semester to see what you would be like at that level and to give everyone a good starting level and then second semester is where we were truly tested. I don’t think anyone was ready for the jump between first and second semester but I understand why there is such a leap. We have to be ready to work with companies after summer. We have to be able to come into a professional atmosphere. We can’t be immature we have to prove that we can work at a professional level. We were taught a lot in second semester, we were given the help that we needed but at the same time we were left to our own devices to see how we would cope in an environment where we have to take responsibility for our actions. I think the tasks that were set were very fair and I liked the change of skill level, I like that we were pushed to get to where we want to be and not just have it handed to us. Overall I think that this semester has been a great learning experience and I look forward to the future.


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