Modelling was a lot of fun in this project, it was probably my favourite part of the assignment. I really enjoyed researching different designs for the room and modelling the furniture, especially the desk and the wardrobe (which you unfortunately don’t see in the animation). The models did take a while to complete but they were a lot of fun to play about with. Its one area that I really want to focus on in my portfolio, over the summer I’m thinking of doing some more models of decor or evironments as well as try and develop my ability with modelling humans. The furniture took a lot of care modelling wise, There were many redrafts of the desk and bed as it had to fit the style of the environment. As Conánn and Gianni mentioned in the feedback the French Victorian decor is really intricate with its use of patterns in the work and the frames around furniture. Méabh brought forward a design for the fleur de lis. She redesigned it and gave me the concepts so I could have some reference points. I modelled some small low poly swirls so that they could be reused through out the desk and mirror.



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