Imaging and Data Visualisation Reflection

The Imaging and Data Visualisation module was a tough module, it was challenging trying to find the best way to visualise data in a way that presents the data but is also appealing. However through the Floating Rome module we learnt the best (and worst) ways to do this. One thing that I especially like in this module and in this course is that failing and doing the wrong thing is always actually the wrong thing. Making mistakes is a great method of teaching us how to do better. I feel that the amount that we were taught was a great amount and the way it was taught was great for us beginners. It helped us to become fairly adept when it comes to using maya as well as making movies and understanding how to make animations. The variation in the module was great, I think that having one based around presenting data early on in the year allowed those who were confident in maya to do well in that area but it wasn’t necessary for the module as other in the class showed excellent ways of presenting data like Kristina. I think having this first was a good idea and allowed us to develop our skills in maya as we went but put our focus on our presentation skills. The second module, the head module, was completely centred around what we had learned in maya. I liked this model because it allowed us to showcase what we had learned throughout the year, it challenged us but I feel like it was needed to show that we paid attention through out the year. Overall I think the layout of the course works really well. It allows for a broad range of experimentation in maya as well as showing what you have learnt through out the year. The separation between a maya orientated module and a data visualisation orientated module works well by dividing the work equally through out the semester.


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