Modelling The Historical District

I really enjoyed modelling this district as it’s purely just an area of classic Roman architecture. which is a lot of fun to create and experiment with and try and condense into a small area. I studied a map of Rome and chose the top classic buildings in Rome and located where they were on the map. Where they were situated within Rome is where they are situated within the Historical District. I drew a plan for the layout of the city,


Unfortunately by the time we got creating I had to narrow down how many buildings we could build, in the end I went with 5 buildings (Pantheon, Spanish Steps, Roman Forum, Palace of Justice, Colosseum). I did some drawings of the buildings I would be building, my main goal was to have them be built with basic shapes so that it would transfer into maya. One thing that really helped with this was looking at the plans for the buildings that are drawn onto a grid, like maya. One thing I did change was the Roman Forum, I only modelled part of it due to its scale.

The overall idea of this district was to store Ancient Rome’s history through one of their major achievements which was their masterful architecture. Through history the whole of Rome’s buildings may not have survived but these buildings showcase some of Rome’s historic architecture and it’s ability to stand the test of time.

Here are the finished models and how they fit into the circular layout.


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