Modelling the Defence District

The defence district was designed because of Ancient Rome’s militaristic  ways. For a large part of Rome’s history the Roman state existed as an entity almost solely to support and finance the Roman military. The military’s campaign history stretched over 1300 years and saw Roman armies campaigning as far East as Parthia (modern-day Iran), as far south as Africa (modern-day Tunisa) and Aegyptus  (modern-day Egypt) and as far north as Britannia (modern-day England, south Scotland, and Wales). It changed many times over this period, from an unsalaried civilian militia to a professional force. Its equipment was altered greatly through time as well to keep up with the technological advancements in order to expand Rome’s domain or protect its borders.Due to its power and position throughout history it was important to include this as a district to show case how powerful Rome’s military is and how it has stayed powerful even in this new chapter of Rome.

Since our Rome showcases elements from Rome’s past like its architecture and inventions we did the same for this. A classic part of Rome’s history was the gladiator area. We wanted to  include this in out defence district as a means of training the army


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