Head Model

The model was a tough challenge, it took a lot of planning and a few attempts to get it to even look like me. However it was very enjoyable. It was one of my favourite projects, I really love modelling on maya so modelling Rome and starting to be able to design a human head is a lot of fun. I wanted to get right into it, my first step was getting reference images, I have multiple from uni which were useful to look at at the start because it gave a good 360 degree view of my head, one thing I was concerned about the model because of my beard but I wasn’t an issue due to its length. When i started modelling the head I took my own photos and imported them to maya for reference.

After taking the photos I lined them up and drew lines across the images to make sure they lined up correctly so the model would be accurate.


My style of modelling wasn’t to chip away at a cube adding more edge loops but to draw polygons and extrude edges around the eyes, mouth and nose and then connect them. I liked this method as it allowed for a lot more freedom with creation being able get the structure of the face and head as accurate as possible. One major issue I came across in my model was the topology, as I went on with the head model I found tri gons, disconnected edges and incomplete edge loops causing strange deformations within the geometry. I remedied this however at the end once the model was completed model i made the model live and used the quad draw to create a new topology for my model. I used these images as references to correctly get the outward loops of polygons from the eyes, nose, mouth etc to minimise any poles in the geometry as well as any non manifold geometry and other errors.

One issue that i couldn’t fix was connecting the ears to the head correctly. Since I modelled the head and ears separately, the ears had a lot of polygons and so the number of edge loops were more than the edges on the head. I did my best to hide these issues behind the ear as we were told if we are meant to hide poles or other errors there. When I created a new topology I tried my best to keep the polygon count as low as possible. Since in the future I want to go into game development and I want to get into character modelling I think this is a goo start. As Alec has previously said, for games ,like phone games, low poly models are preferable in video games since its all real-time processing and processing a high poly model in real – time takes a lot of computer power. The low poly version of it looks less like me, whenever it is smoothed it looks more like me but I think that’s meant to happen. Here are some renders of the updated model.


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