Leonardo Da Vinci’s Crossbow

So for this world we have taken a lot of influence from Leonardo Da Vinci as I’ve mentioned before. We as a group really like how it makes the world that little bit more crazy and allows for a lot of experimentation. Since I am assigned the defense district this allows for me to look at a lot of Leonardo’s inventions. Since he often had to work for men of power he had to lower himself to create machines of war. He was a gentle man, he was even one of the first vegetarians in history, he would often buy birds in the marketplace and set them free after studying their wing structures. In Leonardo’s lifetime Italy was comprised of many independent city states who would, in turn, try to take over each others land and power. So whoever had the military and technological advantage had the upper hand so those in power obviously turned to Leonardo Da Vinci.

I do feel kind of bad using Da Vinci’s designs of war as a positive in the floating city since he would be against it but still in this floating city there would still be those in power and they too would need military advantages. Two designs that I will be focusing on will be the Da Vinci’s machine gun which he designed for Cesare Borgia. The war machines he designed for Borgia were both offensive and defensive which gives me a lot of material to work with.

However first I started creating the giant crossbow that Leonardo designed. I didn’t have any tutorials or references apart from my own sketches and Leonardo’s original designs but I still think it turned out well. Since Da Vinci provided scales with the drawings it made it easier for me to create it with scale in mind since I would be implementing it in my airship and in my military section.

Here are some screenshots of the crossbow and with it implemented into the airship. Da Vinci initially had wheels on his however I took them off for the airship since I imagine they would roll about the ship unless they were securely fastened but even then there still wouldn’t be a point in them having wheels on the airship. However I might redesign them so they have wheels that can be removed so they can be fastened to the deck or moved around the ship for further manoeuvrability. The wheels could also have a second purpose possibly to crank the rope back to notch the arrows. I might have to look at my designs again but I’ll do that later. Here’s where i’m at right now.

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Update – Crossbow Textured and placed on airship and around the defence district.


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