Modelling The Airship

We’ve been looking at how people would transport themselves and goods around the city. Our city is split into 5 sections currently. The centre which contains merchant & trading, politics, religion, farming etc on a tier system. Then surrounding this will be 4 floating areas. These four floating areas will hold the housing for the city of Rome and the housing will be encased within a modified version of Leonardo Da Vinci’s tank plan. The areas will be split up between the North, South, East and West of Rome. We decided to separate the communities like that instead of by their wealth. However within each area we will most likely dabble with this hierarchy of power, possibly with the richest in the North being at the top of the tank like a penthouse and then the poorer living at the bottom in sort of more hobbit like homes. However this post is meant to be about transport. So our two main forms of transport are Airships/Air Balloons and Leonardo Da Vinci’s self propelled cart which would travel around the city like the carts in Gringotts in Harry Potter. We took a lot of influence from bioshock with the floating city idea and one way they get about the city is by travelling along these skylines with magnetised hooks. We thought we could develop something like this within our world except make it more culturally accurate. Since Rome and Italy is a place of art and invention especially during Renaissance time I think it would be nice to implement ideas like this into our city.

At the moment I am looking at various designs of ships from Pirate ships to ancient Roman long ships. I am also taking a look at a lot of fantasy airships as well as some final years in our course who have a floating balloon ship (Aohdan, Michael Mcrea, Bobby Strain, Sam Hudson and Rebekah Quinn). So far I have the rough layout of the ship done. I had a go at modelling some ropes that would tie the balloon to the ship and I think it turned out well. I asked Alec to help me out with some issues with the rope deforming in a strange way with the curves but he showed me how to fix it and its all good now. Now I’m just building up the details of the ship and seeing how I can include Roman architecture into the design of the ship. Here is where I’m at so far.

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Updated. The model has been finished and textured. There has been additions like windows on the side, extra details like banisters and fencing around the sides as well as reinforced areas on the bottom of the ship. A Roman style hut placed at the back of the ship like in old designs of Roman war ships. Added as well is a series of large crossbow on either side for defence.


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