The Terminator – Presentation and Overall Opinion On This Assignment

So I think this presentation went well this week, we got across what we did for the project and showed that we learned from our mistakes form the last one. Last time we were heavily but fairly criticised for our lack of teamwork and our lack or preparedness. This really motivated us this week to work together as a team and to show what we can really do, and I think we succeeded in showing that we are a strong team and that we worked really hard on this project. I am really proud of my team for this assignment and would happily work with them again on another future project.

The Presentation

The presentation went really well this week. We kept under 6 minutes which was great and the rehearsal helped a lot for nerves. We all knew are roles but we learned the rest of the slides as well just in case. In the presentation I think we showed that we learned a lot from Vogler and the previous weeks. I believe are confidence and teamwork really shows how we learned from our own mistakes, one thing we had planned to put in the presentation was Implicit and Explicit meaning however we were unsure whether to put it in or not, in the end we decided against however we know for next time to put in anything that we have learned into the presentation and the project.


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