So I won’t go into too much detail on this post since I’ve already talked about the schematic in the previous one. However I am just going to post my overall opinion on the final schematic. I think it turned out great looking, it may simple and straight forward but everything doesn’t have to be overly complex. One of the functions of a schematic is to be able to understand it as well as show the journey. There’s no point in having a schematic that you can’t follow. One thing that would have been cool to do would to have designed to go in a circle since the terminator series is looped constantly however in order to do this we would have had to continue the timeline until 2029 when Kyle and the Terminator come back to 1984 and the timeline starts again and unfortunately we just didn’t have the time to pull this off.

Here is an image of our schematic however since its a jpeg it won’t be readable but I will attach a psd document on blackboard. Unfortunately the only way to have the whole schematic on a page and have the ability to zoom in a read everything is by using a psd file however this cant be opened on many programs including autodesks sketchbook which is free.




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