Maya Notes & Tips – Modelling – Modelling A Wine Glass

Windows > general editor > visor

Tools menu (top right hand corner, looks like a cube and a hammer) > symmetry > off OR double click move tool

Soft select > good for modelling

Right click on object to select edges, object mode etc

Edge model > shift right click

Edge mode > CMD or ALT right click > you can convert selection of edges to vertices etc

Shift right click on edge mode > extrude edge

Extrude > blue do hickey thing allows you to extrude straight up

Menu > edit mesh > bevel

Edge > insert edge loop tool > double click on edge to select all edges round the object

Select tool > double click edge > to move it

object > mesh displays > under normals > hit reverse


Create > Curve Tools > Bezier Curve Tool or CV Curve Tool

once you have done outline hit Surfaces > Revolve


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