Jumping Jonas

So we’re starting to do harder animations. At least for us. So before we start rigging or modelling a character we began with animating a pre rigged character. This character is Jonas the lamp. Our task was to get him to jump. Now at first this was pretty hard, it seemed pretty complicated. But after watching the video Conánn gave us once or twice it began to click. It’s all stages, you start by positioning it where it starts, where it lands and where it is mid jump. It’s all a step by step process, you’re just building up layers of the animation. First you get he positions correct, then you squash and stretch, then you can mess about with timing and continue by adding more layers like rotation. After all the basics are done you can start to give it more character, like pushing it forward ever so slightly to show that its anticipating the jump or stretch the shoulder area so that it looks like its putting a lot of effort and force into moving forward. It’s the little things that make it come to life.

I enjoyed working with Jonas, it was nice to start working on a character animation. I’m liking the freedom that we have to just play about with him and making him do different things since it’s already rigged. I’ve made him jump but I want to try more by maybe making him look scared by making him shake or look around nervously. With the light as well it could be a nice effect seeing that dart around in the dark. Even with such a basic character there’s a lot that you can do, which I think is something that Conánn, Michael and Alec are trying get us to really see. That really complex models aren’t always the best thing to have especially when animating. That complexity isn’t always necessary to convey what you’re thinking, and I think this is going to be really important in our short animation.

Here are links to the animations:

Jonas Jump 1

Jonas Jump 2

Jonas Jump 3

Jonas Jump 4

Jonas Jump 5

Jonas Jump 6


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