Ball Bounce Animation

So for our first animation we went back to basics… kind of. We did a ball animation again but with different steps to simplify everything. Instead of doing loads of frames we divided the animation up using parenting & locators so that we can locate frames relating to certain things so if we are looking for all the frames relating to rotation they can all be found under the locator for rotation. This makes animating (in my own opinion) a lot easier. I like having a lot more organisation within the timeline as before it got very clogged up. Also it means that the Autokey is the devil and shouldn’t be touched which I like because before I would forget it was on and mess everything up. Also using locators seems to just make the whole process easier. Making the ball have a point where it thinks it’s hitting solid ground is great rather than having to squash it and then try and line it up with 0. Moving the ‘pivot’ I think that’s what you would call it (or centre of gravity I guess) to the base of the object is very handy. At least for this animation. Here’s another angle.


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