Christopher Vogler: The Writer’s Journey

Refusal of the Call


  • It’s natural for heroes to first react by trying to dodge the adventure. Is this trip really necessary?


  • Heroes most commonly Refuse the Call by stating a weak list of excuses in their ordinary world but overcome this because of the urgency of the quest.

Persistent Refusal Leads to Tragedy

  • This can be disastrous for the hero, a lot of consequences can be the result of the refusal

Conflicting Calls

  • Heroes may have to choose between conflicting calls from different levels of adventure.

Positive Refusals

  • A positive refusal can come in the form of a hero resisting the temptation to be, or do something, evil.

Artist As Hero

  • Another positive refusal can be if the artist is hero. We, as artists, can face contradictory calls.
  • We must sometimes refuse the Call of the world to follow the winder Call of artistic expression

Willing Heroes

  • These heroes who accept or sought out the Call to Adventure can be called ‘seekers’.
  • However the fear and doubt represented by the Refusal of the Call will find expression even in the stories of willing heroes through other characters giving warnings

Threshold Guardians

  • Threshold Guardians are powerful figures who ‘raise the banner’ (Vogler and Montez, 2007) of fear and doubt, questioning the hero’s worthiness to be in the game.
  • They can block the heroes journey before it’s even begun.

The Secret Door

  • Human Curiosity drives heroes to inevitably violate limits set by Mentors and Threshold Guardians.
  • They will do what they are told not to do.
  • It is symbolism for the powerful drive that humans have to know all secrets and hidden things.
  • An example of this is in Beauty and the Beast when Belle is told not to go into the rose room yet she still does.

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