Storyboard and Animatic Week!

Over these 2 weeks we stayed on the same world as before with the same groups so I was with Jack, Ryan and Even. Our challenge this week was to create a 90 second storyboard sequence and then from the storyboards create an animatic of our proposed animation. Animatics and storyboards can be rather challenging as you have to keep the style of the drawings consistent through out the motion and composition of the scene.

From the previous weeks a character kept on coming up, this character was…


We decided to plan the storyboard around the origin of Mossman. The story goes, he was travelling the system in his ship, the apollen 18 when he sees a nearby planet, as he enters its atmosphere his ship begins to malfunction. He crashes on the planet, after viewing his surroundings he heads into the nearby forest seeking shelter and help.

At this point in the story we needed a way to show passage of time. So we decided that we would have the character pass behind an object like a tree, and when he comes out from the other side he would have changed dramatically. To help change the feeling of him losing hope we wanted to implement warm and cold colours, so where he came from would be warm colours and where he comes out and walks of screen would be cold colours.


To end the animatic we wanted the character to wander aimlessly through the forest, weaving in and out of the trees on either side of the scene. We also wanted to show that this is taking time, that he has been here for a long time and is becoming a part of the world, so with the last few scenes in the animatic we had the character get further away from the foreground, the scene would fade and he would appear further away until finally he would be really far in the distance and then it would cut to black.

Redrawn storyboards by Jack:

Original Storyboards by Even:

These storyboards are quite hard to see however they were the initial drawings for the storyboards and it helps show the development of our ideas.

My storyboards:

After we finalised the layout of what we wanted to do, Michael then talked to the class about how storyboards are drawn for an animation. After that I went back and did the storyboards again in the format that Michael had suggested.

Ryan also did a rough animatic before the final animatic. This allowed us to see what it might look like and also what changes we could make to make the story clearer. Jack also worked on a colour animatic to see what it could look like in colour.

Here’s is just some extra work i did for this week showing the different environments of the world. The image with the giant deer like create was actually going to be a scene in which a giant foot lands in front of Mossman and when he looks up he sees this perspective shot. It was just to showcase the environment and one of the many creatures in the world.

Group Blogs:





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