Opening Sequence/ Trailer

This week we changed group and world, I was placed on the sound world with Michelle, Megan and Ryan. Our assignment this week was to create a trailer/opening sequence for our world. It didn’t have to be animated it could be in whatever format we wanted but we had to include typography and sound/music. So we kind of got lucky by being put on the sound world on sound week.

opening title sequence 1

Since typography is such a big part of this week we had to do a lot of research for it. We took some inspiration from Monsters Inc. One thing that was seen throughout the sound world was the association of shapes with different genres of music and in the title sequence for Monsters Inc. a variety of shapes are used.

The shapes that we would use would be Squares, Triangles and Bubbles.

  • Rock Music – Squares
  • Techno – Triangles
  • Pop – Bubbles

Ryan then came up with the idea that the shapes come together into the shape of a character and then fall apart again.

A character that appeared over an over was Equaliser. In the sound world animatic it shows Equaliser not fitting in and not liking any of the music so we thought we could fit her into our title sequence. In the end we decided that we would keep it simple and have Equaliser not enjoying the music. Michelle drew up some storyboards for the team so that we could plan it out better.

The plan of the sequence is this. It starts with someone playing an instrument and creating a sound wave. The camera will then zoom in to the world. Using simple shapes the characters will appear before falling apart and showing the titles. Then finally settling on Equaliser. She will look angry and annoyed, she will then ‘pull the plug’ ending the music and the title sequence. The screen will go black as she pulls the plug and then the title will appear.

Here are the storyboards created by Michelle.

I then looked at typography, we were thinking of using something relevant to sound. I looked at the famous rolling stones typography and implementing stuff related to music like an equaliser or sound waves.

In the end we decided to go with the Moon Flower font. It’s simple and effective.

With the music Megan brought in her ukulele. We decided to use four notes that are use in many different songs. We got the idea from this video which shows numerous songs that can be played with these 4 notes.

This is the software that we used for the final sequence:

  • After Effects – For animating the shapes and the character
  • Photoshop – Writing the Text
  • Imovie – For putting everything together
  • Garage Band – For making and editing the music

Here is the final title sequence.


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