Reflection on first semester – Creative Elements

The first semester of this course has been extremely fun. There have been so many enjoyable moments from the very start of the year. The Induction days were very fun and allowed for everyone in the course to start to get to know each other. It made the first week of classes a lot more bearable rather than having to try and awkwardly go to lunch with people. The content of the course is exciting and interesting, it appeals in ways that many other courses does not. It promotes the arts, technology and a teamwork based course. From the very start it is always helping to bring you closer to others in the field and outside of your field which is very hard to find in a course. It has a real community feel to it and brings everyone in every year closer together. The other students are very supportive and are always happy to help with something that is new to you or that you find difficult. The lecturers who organise and run your classes are excellent. The course that they have designed and structured is perfect for developing your old and new skills. It doesn’t just focus on one field but on many very important fields that are involved in animation like photography and life drawing. The life drawing is not to be taken lightly and is a very important part of the course. The once a week classes can have a dramatic effect on your artwork, you will find yourself improving in areas that you once struggled with. The lecturers take a have a lot of experience in their respective fields and are very passionate. This passion and experience reflects of not only their own work but the student’s work who study below them. Their attitude towards the subject of animation and the areas around it really makes the course so much more worthwhile. The lecturers are very helpful, supportive and try everything they can to make the experience enjoyable and rewarding. The group work is a huge part of the course and this can be quite a stressful for a lot of the students. Meeting new people by itself can be very difficult but public speaking and new people can be even more of a struggle. In the first of the course, groups were formed with second years, third years and first years to complete a project and at the end the groups had to present their final outcomes. This was an excellent way to ease first years into the setup for the year and it also meant that the week after would be easier as the presentation would only be in front of your class rather than all 3 years. As time went on in the first semester everyone became a lot more comfortable because of the use of presentations and group based work. This semester has started us of well and has also given us a bit of an insight into the animation industry.


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