Tulip World! Colour Week!

For this week world we got a new group and a new world, the tulip world/ the flower world! In my group this week and for the next few is Ryan, Eve and Jack. We were tasked with adding colour to our environments that we applied composition to last week, so we looked at the previous groups work with their different sketches and tonal studies and began to draw our own versions.

Our versions of the worlds environments were based on their designs but incorporating different things from each of their drawings, for example we used the perspective style drawings of the mushrooms in the world but incorporated Robert’s tree and face designs for our own work.

Here are some of our sketches and designs that we would later add colour palettes to:

Once we had a few sketches (not just digital, each person also had their own sketchbook work that i don’t have pictures off) we put them into our chat so that we could each start picking random pieces and painting. To do this we needed colour palettes so Eve linked us to the Adobe Colour Wheel which allowed us to create some Palettes and then put them into the chat so that we could mix and match and have a go at painting the environments keeping in mind warm to cold shades.

Below are some of our palettes that we created:

Here are some of the paintings done so far (bear in mind a lot of these are just experimentations):

Group Blogs:





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