Tonal Week and practising character designs

Using the previous groups notes we used the character design plan and the style of adventure time to draw characters and monsters, below are some of the characters that the group designed.

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Also as a side note the marble was created during the Victorian era hence the Victorian civilisation ALSO Cassie talked about penny dreadful in her blog which is a TV show set in the Victorian era that brings together classic literary characters like Dorian Gray and Dr. Frankenstein and explores their origins and theres a whole story with it but one of the important parts is that they hunt monsters. I really liked this idea so i brought it to the group and we developed further on it with the character Earl (Named by Robert from the first group). Some of items that the character has are:

  • A hat with spinning blades like Oddjob in James Bond
  • Cane Sword
  • A funky looking pistol
  • and a crossbow that shoots glass arrows

In one of the photos above you can see this and in another you can see him fighting a large monster.

ANYWAY  back to environment design, we looked at how a marble was made and it was basically layers of glass moulded and melted and twisted together to form it. Marbles can vary but the one that we looked like this:

marble ball

Found here:

We decided that we would create multiple layers for the world, here are 3 designs for the marble that we created.

marble world layers 2 marble world2 marble world4

This was the one that we decided on in the end:

marble world layers 2

So once we found out how the world would look we decided to start and plan what the layout of the layers would look like. We decided that each layer would have the same layout however as the world got deeper it would get slightly different like for example mountains would turn to volcanoes, buildings and villages would be broken and cracked or forests would turn darker, creepier, more dangerous and more overgrown with plant life and dangerous and evil creatures.


Below is one of Claire’s tonal drawings that she did, once she uploaded it to our group chat each of the group members took it and added our own designs to it making it our own:

Claire Original1

Claire’s Original Drawing of a forest

Claires world different layers1

An example of what the forest would look like at a deeper level

The group also did drawings of what a forest would look like at different levels. The group also did some tonal studies of different parts of the world like certain buildings and volcanoes.

Bethnay tonal study Ryan tonal study 2

Drawn by Bethnay                                                      Drawn by Ryan

Ryan tonal studyshadow creature1

Drawn by Ryan                                                          Drawn by John

claires grid drawings

Drawn by Claire

OH almost forgot here’s some other stuff that the group worked on. Since we were going for the layered world we wanted the centre of the world to have this super evil creature at the centre, like this big Cthulhu type creature, Bethnay suggested however that instead of this massive creature we use a comedic creature for effect so that nobody would expect and this wonderful piece of art was born

centre monster - Bethnay Maguire

Drawn by Bethnay

P.S. this was the layout plan that we decided upon for the tone of the world and how it would look getting deeper:

  • Top Layer – Victorian civilisation, bright, rounded edges
  • Second Layer – overcast, darker, broken, tinted darker, mutated beings, people who look victorian but are mutated more than the top layer people
  • Third Layer – dark, shadows, sharpened edges, scraggly trees, brambles, monsters, evil creatures, similar to the world of the game Limbo, Arkham City or Don’t Starve with the creatures, monsters and large shadows.


Where I found the image:

From the game Limbo

Arkham City 1 Arkham City 2

Arkham City by Rocksteady Studios 

Where I found the image:

  • Fourth Layer – Large evil creature at the deepest layer like the way Cthulhu is at the bottom of the ocean in H.P Lovecrafts ‘The Call of Cthulhu’

Copy of ‘The Call of Cthulhu’:






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