Character Design Week

Second Group/New Group World Project – Cracked Pot Idea and Parallel Paradoxical Universe

20151006_121239 20151006_121240 20151006_121242 20151006_121244 20151006_121324 20151006_121325 20151006_121330

For our second group project (above) we decided to go with the parallel universe idea, since it seemed like it would be a lot more fun to make a world out of it, and the design of characters and architecture could be very interesting if we took it in the right direction.

We initially looked at the pot idea and the layered world idea however we decided against because it might have turned out to be offensive because of the topics involved in it like the blitz and the troubles. It also didn’t allow us a lot of expansion into a world, since it seemed more like an art sculpture with the way when you looked into a crack you could see the event in history and it didn’t allow us to create a lot of characters and the team seemed a lot more enthusiastic about the paradox/multiple civilisations world so we decided to go with that instead.

Our current idea is to have a world in which major civilisations in time like the incas, the roman empire, ancient greece, ancient egypt and the vikings are together at one time, we think it could be an interesting world because of how diverse the characters could be and how they would effect eachother not only culturally and religiously but also physically. We also won’t be putting it on earth, it may be a parallel ‘earth’ but it will not look the same due the change in events during time, for instance global warming would be far less noticeable. This world also allows for us to create our own future race, that also exists at this time. It won’t just be past civilisations, also because a lot of the past is unknown we can create our own history for the civilisations


Character Designs

20151008_192233 20151008_192240 20151008_192302 20151008_192309 20151008_192314 20151008_192326 20151008_192337 20151008_192349 20151008_192400 20151008_192413 20151008_192426

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The character body shapes that we’re taking reference from are that of Disney’s character models seen below


Below are some of the designs for the characters in our world

china design 1 roman design 1 viking design 1

The next pictures are full rotation characters for my world

Viking Character Design full rotation complete 2roman 360 design






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