Life Drawing – Week 3

This week we did perspective. We looked at the horizon line and i thought i knew how to do it but i actually really don’t at all, drawing perspective correctly is actually pretty hard but with practice i will keep improving.

We started the lesson by just trying to draw perspective using chairs positioned at different angles, we did this by drawing our horizon line at our eyeline then drawing boxes with perspective depending on where the box is in our eyeline, for instance if the chair was above our eyeline then we would draw the bottom of the box since we could see it.

20151021_222247 20151021_222300

After this we were brought into the life drawing room where we usually work and were told to draw the chairs on the platform and the person sitting in it, it was tough but by the end of the class I feel that i definitely improved.

20151021_222311 20151021_222320 20151021_222332 20151021_222339

From left to right are the 4 drawings done in the life drawing room,


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