Life Drawing – Week 1

Our first life drawing class went well, still trying to get used to the 1 minute sketches and the style that is required but its its a lot of fun so far, below are the sketches from our first class!

20151009_165254 20151009_165309 20151009_165322 20151009_165333 20151009_165609 20151009_165620 20151009_165631 20151009_165637 20151009_165644 20151009_165653 20151009_165703 20151009_165714 20151009_165724 20151009_165731 20151009_165739 20151009_165753 20151009_165758 20151009_165803

These are the sketches that Michael did to show us what we had to aim for
20151001_143348 20151001_143351 20151001_143355

We have to keep in mind the perspective in which we’re drawing and how the models body shape should stay consistent in all the sketches that his head shouldn’t just grow like 50 sizes in one sketch and be normal in another. He also suggested that we imagine how the ribcage and pelvis should remain in the size position as they don’t have a joint in the middle of the ribcage.


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